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Bitcoin, The Most Serene Republic Of

aka B, TMSR~.


As of November 2015, neatly summarized by Mircea Popescu:

  • Thing 1. We're trying to reduce bitcoind to a form where it's actually worth cutting trees to print it ;
  • Thing 2. We're trying to create an actually statically linked, weaponized bitcoind that's suitable for the pogo.
  • Thing 3. We're trying to re-create a software management system that's based on sanity (=crypto). this mostly exists gratia alf & mod6 efforts, and it's called v.
  • Thing 4. We're trying to create a proper (=crypto) communication system ; as part of this gpg was cut up and we're still barfing at the results. this is a huge task and if thee end product is reasonably well understood, the design's still widely open.
  • Thing 5. We're trying to create a sane os. This led to gentoo being cut open, libc being cut open, gcc being cut open, and we're still barfing at the results. I don't even want to think about it.
  • Thing 6. We're trying to create a sane computer (other than pogo). Part of this consideration is some in-principle fundamental research work into ternary to be maybe attached to Thing 3.
  • Thing 7. We're trying to create a pr core, which is roughly in the spot Thing 4 was a year ago, ie, when artifex got somehow married to it.


Declaration of independence, November 8, 2014:

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