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The Real Bitcoin

How to set up a node

These steps1) will leave you with a fully functional bitcoin full node.

  • Create an account on a server
cd /home/account_name
  • Create a .wot directory
mkdir .wot
  • Put the pubkeys of people you trust in there as name1.asc, name2.asc etc
  • Download the rotor script
curl >
  • make it executable
chmod +x
  • run it

That's pretty much it, takes half hour or so, spits out an executable bitcoind in ./rotor/TEST2/bitcoin/src

  • optionally copy bitcoind to your current working directory
cp ./rotor/TEST2/bitcoin/src/bitcoind ./

You can then run this with something like

LC_ALL=C nohup ./bitcoind -myip=<yourip> -addnode=trusted_node_1 -addnode=trusted_node_2 -verifyall 2>&1 &

There is a list of trusted nodes hosted on this wiki, but you should not rely on it for mission critical situations. As always, GPG is your friend. Ask for a signed list of IP addresses from somebody in your WoT.

Source code

If you want to test bleeding edge development code, the Foundation uses own patch management tool, the 'V'. It is still under heavy development - best to learn it by reading btc-dev mailing list archives.

Source code browser (Contains some V leaves, full V support under development).

1) as reported by mircea_popescu and updated to reflect the new version
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