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deedbot - record hash of clearsigned document in bitcoin block chain

The registered documents are published at See also FAQ.


deedbot- pubkey
deedbot- sigfile


The deedbot- utility stores evidence of a document in the bitcoin block chain. Provided a GPG clearsigned block of text, the bot will hash it and use the result to seed a private key. In case multiple clearsigned texts are supplied at once, they are concatenated first and this whole bundle is hashed and published. The coresponding public address is funded with 0.0001 bitcoin, thereby creating a historical record of the provided block of text. The bot takes only one command which may be followed by one of two types of parameters:


This must be a valid URL for the ascii-armored GPG public key of a user found in assbot's L1 or L2.


This must be a valid URL for a text file containing one or more GPG clearsigned block(s) of text. The coresponding public key(s) must have already been submitted to the bot.

Exit Status

The bot will respond to a valid deed submission with “accepted: n” where 'n' is the number of valid signature blocks found in the text file. It will similarly respond with “rejected: n” for deeds signed by keys that have not been previously registered. It will respond to a valid key submission with “imported: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” where XXXX… is the fingerprint of the accepted key.


Register a public key


Submit a deed


Verify a deed

Pipe a bundle into the python script:

  import hashlib, fileinput
  from pybitcointools import privkey_to_pubkey, pubkey_to_address
  print pubkey_to_address(privkey_to_pubkey(hashlib.sha256(''.join(fileinput.input())).digest()))

If correct, will output bitcoin address where deedbot spent the funds from its address: 1BkCTj36DMdcF8TVa1by9zfwdcMFm3VAES .

See Also


The deedbot- command first appeared on February 5, 2015.


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