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  • Maintained by kakobrekla
  • Prints an aggregate of trades for assets across exchanges every minute, given the sum volume for an asset in that period large enough - secondary channel #bitcoin-assets-trades will show all trades
  • In the begining of Jan 2015, when gribble was taking a long vacation, its wot was forked into assbot. Users without gpg keys in gribbles wot and their ratings were discarded (~30%). There are a few other changes:
    • there is no more authed session, each auth worthy command requires gpg decryption of OTP
    • since no sessions, bot can be used without the need for you being present on any channel
    • validity of OTPs is 15 minutes and they can be used out of order, which makes it airgap friendly

assbot commands

command short description
!help !h will send you on this page
!ticker <exchange> <ticker> !t returns current ticker values
!last <exchange> <ticker> !l returns last trade values
!mp <signcrypted_dpasteurl> returns the response from mpex order
!mpif returns btcalpha mpif tracker status
!bash <n> !b bashes last <n> lines to bash
!search <text> !s searches channel logs for <text>
!up <nick> (on channel) gives <nick> a voice for 30 minutes
!down <nick> (on channel) takes voice away from <nick>
!up (in private message) returns OTP for self-voice on channel given sufficient WoT
!verify <decrpyted_otp> !v verifies your OTP and processes requested command if valid
!rate <nick> <rating> [<note>] returns OTP to rate <nick> with <rating> and optionally <note>
!unrate <nick> returns OTP to remove your rating for <nick>
!changekey <new_gpg_keyid> returns OTP to change your gpg key to a new one
!gettrust <nick> !gt returns trust relationship from you to <nick>
!gettrust <nick1> <nick2> !gt returns trust relationship between <nick1> and <nick2>
!rated <nick> returns your rating for <nick>, if one exists
!register <full_gpg_keyid> registers your current IRC nick in the WoT with supplied key id
!shasum wot returns shasum of last published db dumps



/otps/$nick/[last] #for gribble auth script dropin replacement

Daily db dumps
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