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#bitcoin-assets irc bots

There are several bots that reside in the #bitcoin-assets irc channel that provide real-time updates and/or respond to commands.

If a bot responds to commands, that bot will have a command prefix. Put the prefix in front of the command to get the bots attention. Most bots will also respond to commands via /query or /msg. If you are going to send several commands or the results of your commands are not applicable to the entire channel, consider sending the commands privately in order to avoid cluttering the channel.



  • Affectionately called artibot by her creator, artifexd
  • Provides real time updates from
  • Updates in #bitcoin-assets are limited to newly created bets and bets placed that are 1BTC or larger
  • All updates are provided in ##bitbet-rt
  • Does not respond to commands


  • Created by nanotube
  • Allows authenticating WoT GPG info/BTC addresses via command upon registering
  • Mining/network/hashrate stats
  • Markets and exchange rates
  • General uses like calculating and google searches
  • Full command list here; also responds in PM


  • Run by FabianB
  • Successor of mpexbot by smickles
  • Main purpose is an alternative way to talk to MPEx via IRC instead HTTP
  • Provides some additional commands around it (see below for a command list or $help)

empyex commands

command description
$help lists commands
$avg 24h weighed average Bitcoin
$conference when's the next conference?
$depth complete MPEx orderbook as json in a pastebin
$depth <mpsic> sample: “$depth S.MPOE” shows 4 bids and asks around spread
$email unread email in your mailbox?
$mpexlag request/response time to/from MPEx
$post <pastebin-url> URL with signed and encrypted MPEx command to be delivered to MPEx trade engine
$proxies list alternative URLs to reach MPEx trade engine
$traded MPEx symbols traded in last 24h hours
$unconfirmed unconfirmed transactions in Bitcoin network
$vwap pastebin with JSON of 24h, 7 days and 30 days vwap of all MPEx securities
$vwap <mpsic> sample: “$vwap S.MPOE” shows 24h, 7 days and 30 days vwap


  • record hash of clearsigned document in bitcoin block chain
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