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First Steps in #bitcoin-assets

Welcome to the channel. This is a guide of collated information to help you get started.

Read the Log

It's recommended that you spend at least six months1) reading the log. Neglect this step at your own risk.2)

Register Your Nickname

In order to register your nickname type:

/msg Nickserv register [password] [email]

It is advisable to type:

/msg Nickserv set enforce on 

which means no one else can use your nickname and ride off your ratings, as they are asked for the password.

On logging in to the Webchat or your client, you need to identify yourself to the server. To do this, type:

/msg Nickserv identify [password]

Get in the WoT

If you are not in the WoT, you should be. There are several reasons for this; realize them here. In order to be able to talk in-channel, someone with the ability 3) needs to authorize you every 30 minutes. If you are in assbot's L2 or above, you can do this for yourself.

Get a GPG Key

The first step in doing this, is obtaining a GPG key, if you do not already have one. If this is the case, follow this guide4) to generate one.

Upload Your Key

Until such time that the bot can be fed a key manually, you'll have to upload it here.

Get Your Key's Fingerprint

You can find the long id (also known as fingerprint) with:

gpg -k --fingerprint

Register Your Key

The next step is registering your key with assbot.

In order to register your key, type:5)

!register [fingerprint with no spaces]

Get Ratings

Having a registered key doesn't mean much if nobody has vouched for it. You'll need a positive rating from at least one user in assbot's L16) in order to gain voice.7)

Voice Yourself

In order to be able to speak in #bitcoin-assets, type the following:

/query assbot !up

Assbot will then give you an OTP8) link to decrypt. Decrypt it, copy the string9) and then type:

/query assbot !v [the decrypted OTP]

Assbot will then confirm you have voice in the channel and you can now speak and be seen by others.

Requirements to be in Assbot's WoT can be found here.

3) voice, signified by + next to their username
6) also known as the Lordship List
7) the ability to speak in the channel
8) one time password
9) should look something like this: assbot:danielpbarron.up:debf411b8cd6616d14cdf98f4ee9326bdfd4785dda3f2f30d8ca0be37717f9a9
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